Creating an Edition Collection

  1. Create a new collection On the navigation pane on the left side, click "NEW COLLECTION"
  1. Choose the Edition mint type. You can launch two types of collections currently: Editions and Tiered. This guide will walk through the Edition creation process

You have now started creating an Edition collection! You can see where you are in the creation process on the left.

  1. The first step is to input the Item Details and upload the asset.

NameThe name of your collection. Max 30 characters
Artist NameThis is pre-populated with your Vibe profile. if you created an account as an organization, you can choose from the people who have joined your organization.
DescriptionA description of your collection
FileUpload the file that will be associated with the collection. Acceptable formats are .jpg, .png, .gif, and .webp. The max file size is 5mb.
Quantity to MintThe maximum number of editions you want to be minted for this collection
Payment CurrencyChoose the payment currency that you want minters to use
Floor PriceSet the mint price. This will automatically be converted to the equivalent $USD price.
Website or URLLink to a website where people can learn more about the project
InstagramAdd a relevant Instagram handle
TwitterAdd a relevant Twitter handle
  1. You can now enter the attributes of your collection. Please keep in mind that every NFT in an Edition will have the same attributes and that each attribute can only have one value.

  1. The next step is setting up Royalties and Collaborators. On this page you can choose your royalty percentage from secondary sales and add collaborators for you to split your profits with.
    NOTE A royalty split template must first be saved in order to apply to your collection. This creates an on-chain contract, which is then applied to all mints and secondary sales of your collection.

  1. Set the Time and Duration of the minting period for your collection.

  1. Upload an Allowlist if you have one. You can download a sample template for how your allowlist file should be structured if you need it. After uploading a file, you can also manually edit addresses and reserved quantities. If your total allowed quantity is less than the total mint quantity, then the remaining will be open to everyone to be minted.

  1. The final step is to review all the information about your mint.

  1. When you click Launch, a transaction that requires a signature will be triggered. Once you sign from your wallet, the contract for your Edition will be created.
  2. Celebrate! πŸ₯³ You just minted your first NFT edition collection on Vibe!

What’s Next