Creating a Tiered Collection

  1. Create a new collection On the navigation pane on the left side, click "NEW COLLECTION"
  1. Select Tiered from the collection types.
  1. After you've selected Tiered, you are brought to the Items page. Each Tiered collection needs a Collection Title, Collection Artwork, and at least one tier to launch.

  1. Once you're done filling in Collection Details, you can begin creating your various tiers. In this example, this user Girl Bot is creating a charity raffle and wants to raffle off three different prizes.

  1. Setting up each tier is similar to creating an Edition. However, for each tier you can assign different values for each attribute. You can even upload different allowlists for each tier!
    In our example, each of the raffle ticket NFTs has two attributes: the destination that raffle is drawing for and the style of beer that's featured in the art.

  1. Continue adding tiers.
    For the next tier, Girl Bot sets a different value for Destination and Style. Each tier can have unique attributes as well.

  1. Once you're done adding all of your tiers, the next step is setting up Royalties and Collaborators. On this page you can choose your royalty percentage from secondary sales and add collaborators for you to split your profits with.
    NOTE A royalty split template must first be saved in order to apply to your collection. This creates an on-chain contract, which is then applied to all mints and secondary sales of your collection.
    Go here to learn more about Royalties & Collaborators.

  1. Set the Time and Duration of the minting period for your collection.

  1. Lastly, review the details of your collection and launch!