Minting an NFT

Minting on Vibe is super easy. To mint, simply click "Mint Now" in the detail window or "Mint" directly on the NFT card.

Note: A mint fee of 0.000888ETH will be charged per mint.

Step-by-step Instructions

A review screen will appear where you can enter the quantity you wish to mint.

After you confirm the the quantity, you will need to provide approve two transactions that require gas.

  1. The first is setting the spending cap for the currency you are paying in. This is a safety feature that limits how much of a certain token can be spent from your wallet for a certain collection.
  1. The second approval is confirming the minting transaction with gas fees.

And now you've successfully minted!

In moment, you'll be able to view your newly minted NFTs in your market profile!

What’s Next