Understanding Royalties & Collaborators

Collaborate by creating and earning together.

On the Royalties and Collaborators page you can choose your royalty percentage from secondary sales and add collaborators for you to split your profits with.

Here's how to setup your royalties and collaborators

  1. Set your Secondary Sale Royalties by dragging the slider to the desired level
  2. Add in your Collaborators. Each collaborator needs a Role, Name, Address, and Percentage.
  3. Save as Template to create the royalty split contract. This will trigger a transaction that requires gas.


  • You must save each royalty split as a template. This step is crucial as it creates the royalty contact on-chain, which is then applied to all proceeds from mints and secondary sales of your collection.
  • After the mint goes live, collaborators cannot be added, removed, or have their royalty percentages changed.
  • Only the deployer of the collection can withdraw profits. Once the deployer withdraws, the royalty split is triggered and funds will be split automatically.

Once you save your royalty split template and sign the transaction, you can use keep using this template for future collections.